Costs of my photography:

All my photos are all digitally edited with no hidden costs. All lot of photographers will charge a sitting fee or they own the photos which they will charge you an arm and leg for....even after you paid them. I believe in honesty and nothing is hidden with me. You can print a poster size photo at sams club for $6.oo.....the same place every photographer uses and will charge u up to $250.00 for the photo they printed at sam's club.

I do alot of photography one is sports packages. I charge $20.00 per child which includes: 2-5x7, 2-4x6, 8-walles and all team photos. The childs name and year on the the photos and the team name on the team photos. The are ready in two days and the coach has the cd to make more copies if parents need them.

Family, Senior, Special Events: I charge 200.00 an hour with all photos edited and all photos on cd's so the client owns all photos.

Weddings: I charge $1500.00 with free engagment photos so the clients can meet me and learn how I work. If you call me all weddings are differnt and I can bend on the price a bit. U can always just hire me per hour which is $200.oo an hour. I also charge extra for out of town wedddings....but call me before u get concerned. All weddings in the Durango are not considered out of town for me.